Pentecost VIII – Video Recording of the Choral Eucharist Service for July 23, 2023

Video recording of the Choral Eucharist Service for the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, July 23, 2023, with Interim Priest Father John Lockyer and Organist and Music Director Zacharia Dekker. Our Lay Reader and Intercessor this week is Kirk Hearder, and readers Audi Geadah Ogley and Chris Cox. Father Lockyer reads the Gospel and preaches. Our hymns this week: Come and Journey with a Saviour; Rejoice, the Lord is King; As We Gather at your Table; and, For the Healing of the Nations. A video clip celebrating the birthday of one of our longtime congregants follows the service. St. John’s, East Orangeville is a parish within the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, and is located in the Town of Caledon, Ontario Canada. Recording and editing chorister Greg Finlayson. Follow us at Thank you.