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Video documentation, photos, and interviews with participants and volunteers from the second season of the refugee gardening program at Am Braigh Farm in Mono, Ontario. (‘Am Braigh’: Scottish Gaelic for higher ground or upland.) This program, previously named ‘Trust Yourself to Garden’, and now known as ‘Abundant Garden’, was initiated and is managed by Jamie Richards of St. John’s, East Orangeville, and with the participation of other community churches. Ending photos from last year’s harvest are courtesy of Chris Cox and Audi Geadah Ogley of St. John’s, with audio-video footage and postproduction by St. John’s member Greg Finlayson. Accompanying the photos is the second verse from our Processional Hymn for the Choral Eucharist Service on the Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost, September 3, 2023, Bishop Peter Fenty presiding, and Music Director Zacharia Dekker at the organ. ‘You Call Us, Lord, to Be’ is hymn #450 in ‘Common Praise’, the hymnal of the Anglican Church of Canada. The Text is by Jane Manton Marshall (1924-2019), and Music by John David Edwards (1806-1885). Our gratitude to the participants who generously agreed to be interviewed, and to the refugee sponsors and program volunteers from the various churches involved. St. John’s, East Orangeville is located in Caledon, Ontario Canada, and is a parish within the Anglican Diocese of Toronto.