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A celebratory ‘High Tea’ follows the Choral Eucharist Service for this Seventh Sunday in Pentecost, July 24, 2022, with video and photos following the postlude and service credits. Our retired Area Bishop Peter Fenty is Preacher, and Concelebrant with long-time friend Archdeacon Elizabeth Hardy, and with Mrs. Fenty gracing us with her presence. Our Music Director is Zacharia Dekker, Layreader Stephen Deaves, Crucifer Kirk Hearder, Candlebearers Lilli and Ian Lockhart, and Readers Linda Deaves and Ted Lorriman. The Tea is in honour of Elizabeth’s pending retirement following next week’s July 31 service. Presentation of the donation to Elizabeth’s chosen charity, True North Aid, is by Carol McLean, one of our wardens. The Anglican Diocese of Toronto. Recording and editing chorister Greg Finlayson.