History Project

Second Interview with Ron Coles, August 30, 2019

This is the second interview with Ron Coles for the St. John’s History Project, video-recorded in conversation with Greg Finlayson on August 30, 2019. Ron discusses his personal recollections of a number of ministers from his childhood, including his significant involvement in the parish, in recognition of which Ron was awarded the Order of the…

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A Brief Pictorial History of St. John’s Cemetery

A condensed version of the 54-minute audio interview with Ron Coles of July 1, 2019, presenting a pictorial history specific to St. John’s Cemetery through its refurbishment in the 1940’s, and describing the history behind specific stones of particular interest. 10:45 Minutes

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Ron Coles at St. John’s Cemetery

The first interview with Ron Coles in the St. John’s “History Project”, an audio recording of July 1, 2019, in which Ron recounts the history of St. John’s Cemetery on the 7th Line of Mono, in the process describing how the roads were named, and the development of the churches in the parishes of both…

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